The Quick Collection

An almost unique collection of photos and memorabilia passed to me by Estelle Quick, the daughter of Alan Quick, giving an insight into pre World War II Stationers School. At the time of writing (June 2003) Alan is in his early 80s, living in a nursing home in Scotland. I know all Old Stationers will wish him well; my thanks to Estelle for her assistance in passing these to me.

I hope that Estelle will forgive me for digitally enhancing these pictures, which I hope has improved their clarity. Estelle also sent me the 1935 Prize List in which the awards were distributed by no less than the Prince of Wales - click on the button below to see a copy of this.

Alan in 1928, believed to be when joining Stationers' Lower School

Alan in 1945, in Jerusalem

Class of '32 - Alan in at the extreme right of the 3rd row

Class of '33 - Alan is at the extreme right of the back row

Class of '34 - Alan in the front row, extreme left

Alan in OTC uniform in 1935

The OTC platoon in Paddock Wood in 1936 - Alan doesn't appear to be in this picture, but the lads are believed to be from the school

'Kitchen Knight' the school play in 1931 - believed to be written by "Doc" O'Connell. Can anyone add more? Looks like Fred Oxtoby in the background

Alan in costume on the terraces for the 1934 production of "The Rivals"

"The Rivals" - a note on the reverse of the original reads "Unfortunately Elldred moved. I'm afraid that this is the best that can be done with the neg" and has a cartoon of a bespectacled man.

"The Rivals" - 1934

"The Rivals" - Alan on the left. A note on the reverse of the original reads "The final copies of this will be slightly better ie a larger range of tone and blacker blacks. Note - a casual observer would think this was a charity fight judging from the smiles on the characters' faces."