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ATC - as taken circa 1961 by father of Andrew Dunlop (sent in to us 8/02/2009). On 26/2/09 Andrew's brother, Bruce Dunlop, tells us - "The ATC photo which my brother recently sent you showed me on the top row, second from the right. At least I think it's me! Although I recognise some of the faces in the photo, I cannot put names to them. I was quite good at aircraft recognition in those days, and helped the Squadron get a respectable place in an aircraft recognition test at Hendon aerodrome."

Form 4B - taken on 3d June 1946. From Roy Simmons

Dr Vessolo, maths teacher in 1946 - picture from Roy Simmons

These incredibly clear pictures were sent to me by Chris Essex, and are of the classes his grandfather attended at the end of the 19th/beginning of 20th century. His grandfather appears in the right hand picture, taken in 1899, and he is
on the right in the back row.

A collection of pictures from Oliver Manton taken in 1990 when he visited the site of the old school.

Of particular interest I found the retention of the terrace wall in Stationers' Park.

The remains of what was Hornsey High look rather sad - at least we don't have a chance to be depressed over a skeleton of our old school.

Note the sign referring to the Langham School, which was what became of Stationers' following conversion to a secondary modern.

Terry (Dusty) Miller (1947-52) sent me this picture of Class 1A in 1947; Terry is in the third row from the back, to the right of the chap with glasses. Stuart Behn was able to name more of the pupils than Terry.

The chap with glasses was a Scot whose name I forget. Behind him is Geoff Battrick and Alan Spry, on the other side to the Scot is Jeff Serman and in front Bill (Joe) Ford and ? Parkinson. Joe Symons is in the picture: I presume he was form master

Ken Merchant writes:
I was at Stationers from 1949/50 to 1955 - Caxton house. I am new to the Web ( a long story about resistance to computers following many years working on a major project ) but now after 11 years retirement from the City I think I have overcome my prejudices enough to dabble. Mind you I am a novice at this type of equipment so am not totally convinced you will recieve this.
Attached , I hope will be a photo of the 1954/1955 first eleven, taken at the ground at Winchmore Hill (my home area then). I think the names are - back row - John Fuller (scorer) , ?Thompson, Howell, ??, E.Wilkins (wicket keeper) , Harris, Ken Merchant, front row - David Wilkins, ?Lynes, Malcolm Dye (Captain), ??, Humphreys. Apologies for errors/omissions - memories are dimming now.
My sole claim to any fame when playing was to knock out an Enfield Grammar batsman - which since I was a slow spin bowler seemed most odd, both then and still. I claimed it was my deceptive flight that fooled him. I dont know if we won that match. I would be delighted to hear from anyone of that era, especially if they can verify the facts, and that in that or another match I took 3 wickets for 4 runs (or is that suspect memory playing more tricks).
After one match at that ground an elderly gentleman approached and gave me his old Stationers cricket blazer , resplendent in its blue and yellow stripes. I still have it but dont find many occasions to wear it now, and never did find out his name.

Not sure which football team c1972 - received from ex Hornsey High girl Fran Thomas (formerly Fransesca Benn), taken by another Hornsey High girl, Heather Phillips. Fran says "I am pretty sure that people will recognise themselves - I can only name Jim Smith (back row, far right) and Richard Cave (front row, far left)." Turgay Yusuf (>1972) tells us that he is 3rd from the left on the front row and that the one between him & Richard is George Tack.

Fran Thomas has sent me this picture of lunchtime on Inderwick Road - heck, didn't we have long hair in those days. In fact, didn't we have hair!!
Fran Writes: This photo of esteemed members of the U6 was taken on 25 January 1972 ... Line up from l-r: Robin Mason, Bob Hobbs (not seen!), Geoff Blackmore, Steve Presland, David Catanach, Jim Smith, Jim Dandolo, Rhys Jones. Please remember that people knew me as Francesca Benn in those dim and distant days!

I caught up with Patrick Cossey, who Geraint & I haven't seen since 1972, when he & I left school. Pat was Geraint's blue eyed boy and he puts his career down to the influence of both Geraint and Sam Read. He's now a senior lecturer of Applied Sciences (Geology) at Staffordshire University. He sent me this photo of Richard Forty; Patrick Curwen; Alec Grogan; Jim Smith (hidden) Geoff Blackmore; Geraint Pritchard; Jim Buckland & Bob Fry seated at Malham, Yorkshire in 1970 - 71? That lot, Patrick and I were all in years 1965 to 1972. I tracked him down by merely putting his name in Google search and it brought up the University and gave his E Mail address!! It`s only taken me 35 years to find him!!
Regards Peter Sandell

In Memoriam - Robert Baynes - 27 September 1921 to 18th June 2007
The school staff in 1966
The school staff in 1962

Gus Thomas, Jim Morris, WAC Rees and Sid Holmes all retired on the same day in 1973 - this picture from The Herald on 3rd August 1973. Between them they spent more than 100 years as teachers at the school. Thanks to Dave Gordon for passing this picture to me.

Another from Tony Harrison - a pupil from Tolllington (seee image below!) This was form 2A in July 1942, and included boys from all three schools. At the time many of the Stationers' lads were basking in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Tony Harrison - not an Old Stationer, but more anon, sent me this picture of the school in July 1942. It's unusual in that this includes those who were not evacuated to Wisbech. Tony tells me that there were that few pupils left in the area that the schools of Stationers, Hornsey County and Tollington combined to use the facilities of Stationers' school. The masters who did not move to Wisbech were left Hornsey - he tells me the picture includes:
Back row, L to R.
Mr Davies, Mr Wesley, Mr Woolley, Mr Baxenden, Mr O'Connell, Mr Nash, Mr Bartlett, Mr Shepherd, Mr ??? (secretary).
Front row, L to R.
Mr Oxtoby, Miss ???, Mr ???, Mr Nunn (acting headmaster), Major Hall, Miss ???, Mr Smart.
Can anyone add any more names? (I'm not convinced that was Mr Nunn, by the way!)
Ron Horne has added:
In the photographs I was most intrigued with the alleged London staff in July 1942 as most of them spent most or at least some time in Wisbech as can be seen from my photos. The only ones I picked that never came were "Bill" Smart, Baxenden, "Charlie" Hall (half masted Charlie whose trousers were always too short), and "Uncle Imo" Imison who was the alternate Head in London and labelled as Josh Nunn in the picture. The Bursar (secretary) was Capt. Wynne-Bennett who came to Wisbech but returned to London shortly after.
Doc O'Connell spent the whole time in Wisbech and with Donovan Ryan was the producer of all the musical revue shows that were performed to entertain our hosts and to keep us out of mischief during school holidays.
Doc was a lyric writer for West End shows under the pen-name of Michael Trefford

Ron Horne sent me these pictures of Stationers in Wisbech in 1939; things run full circle - it was only a short while ago at the Annual Dinner I met four of the "lads" who had been there! Sorry I couldn't join the three pictures successfully Ron, but they were different dimensions...

Form VA in 1942 - from Ron Horne

The Stationers' ATC in 1944 - from Ron Horne

A picture from Rokelsey School. Why is this here? Dave Freear explains:
"We mentioned (at our mini reunion on 6th March 2007 - see
Roaming) Rokesley School and I attach a photo of a Mrs Slann's production of A Midsummer Nights Dream. You may recognise Michael, Owen and myself as well as Stan Freeman, Robert Hood, Robert Margree, John Stringer, Ian Hooker (I think), Peter Moore, Peter Jackson and Ray Jordan. Some of the latter did not attend Stationers. I also recognise some of the others but cannot remember their names. For those of you who did not attend it may give you some amusement."

Terry Way sent me this picture of the choir - taken in about 1964

I'm delighted to say that one of the nice things about running the OSA website is that it sometimes brings me into contact with the former pupils of Hornsey High - and one of them (Jane Allen) was kind enough to send me this picture of the 1st XI in the 1969/70 season, with support from the girls! She writes: "I said I would send you this photo about 2 years ago but I've only just got around to scanning it in. I couldn't work out how to put the names on it so I'll do that here instead.

l to r: Keith Southam, Steve Presland, Mick Brady, Hugh Williams, Geof Richmond (crouching), Pete Clark, John Champion, Val Lenk (crouching), Martin Phillips, Chris Lucas, Heather Phillips, Keith Hacker and me, Jane Allen"

Inset: Mike Weatherley (L) Frank Abbott
Back from left: Bernie Kelly, Dave Cox, Chris Langford, Don Fletcher, Colin Mundy, Charlie Cruden
Fromt from left: Ian Snelling, Keith Ranger, Alan Rowe, Tony Taylor, Windy Griffiths
The OSFC SAL Champions - P22, W15, D2, L5

Back from left: Ted Townsend, Roy Stevenson, Pete Glyn, Glyn Thomas, Gerry Young, Roger Engledow
Front from left: Ian Snelling, Windy Griffiths, Ken Saunders, Dave Cox, Tony Taylor, Roy Hawkins
Record: P25, W22, D1, L2, GF 112 GA 33!!

A unique picture of a meeting at the Criterion in
1948, passed to me by Arthur Walker,
Frank (Donkey) Bray as President.
Donkey taught Frank in 1922-1926, and me
in 1956-64. See the
1925 school photo!

From Roger Kennett:
Form V, 1948:
Back row: Bothwick, Dayton, Gallagher, ?, Crossman, "Beak" Davis, Aitken, Burt
Next row: Blakely, Kennett, Child,?, ?, ?
Next row: ?, ?, ?, Dickens, ?, ?
Front: ?, Boggis, ?, ?, ?, ?

From Roger Kennett:
Form IV 1946:
Back row: ?, ?, Murphy, Mellish, Halperin, Miller, Harding, Ling, ?, "Donkey" Bray
Next row: ?, ?, James, Gregory, Tree, ?, ?, ?, Lee
Next row: DeLara, Mellis, Limebear, ?, Kennett, Jensen, ?, MacGregor, Lipson
The larger picture has everyone's autographs attached!!

No 2049(2nd Hornsey) Squadron Air Training Corps October 1944 - no prizes for spotting Bob (aka Tiger, aka Flick) Lloyd, Josh Nunn & Donkey Bray - were you there? Kindly sent by Laurie Farrington

Hélène and Frank Dash (yes, Dick Dash) together wrote a play that was performed by boys of the school in a joint production with Hornsey County School. Click on the photo to have full details. My thanks once more to Laurie Farrington.

Dave Freear sent this one in, from the era I remember - I can recognise (bottom row from left) Tony Spiegel, ?, Willerby and Dave - and that's Flick (aka Tiger and Bob) Lloydin the middle of the front row. This was taken at RAF Jurby on the Isle of Man in 1960; Dave tells me that all participants paid 9/- for breakages - which was never refunded. Now, with interest, I make that.....

For those with a strong constitution, Paul Wateridge has sent a copy of an extract from the Hornsey Journal, showing the school in the course of demolition - click on the icon below to see this...
1950 Gardening Club: John Thompson writes...
"Your site was an early find and most effective in firing up of so many memories. The attached photo was I believe taken by Mr Englefield, who was in charge of this motley crew, the area behind the group I think adjoined the playing field of Hornsey High School, not that it had any connection with our interest in gardening!! My unworthy self is almost central with open neck shirt. to my right at the back is Peter Mellish, Sam Cook and C Ruddom all of us in the 5th Form in 1950. I hope more Old Boys show up in your lists as it is amazing how widespread they have ventured. I left school in 1950 to go to sea as a navigator, achieved a Master Mariners Cert 1961 ending up sailing on Empress of Canada as a senior officer, met Patricia a stewardess, married, emigrated to Canada, worked in various Marine situations ending up in Transport Canada as Examiner of Masters and Mates, which enterprise made me a little more sympathetic towards the teachers who managed to drum some sense into often indifferent Boys. Now retired, memories of schooldays seem more vivid than what happened yesterday!! I hope this submission will be of some interest."
Backrow L to R Aubrey Thomas, Graham Hawkins, Phil Hibberd, Jim Townsend, Ian Meyrick, Dave Hudson
Frontrow L to R Mike Kassie, Pas Acierno, Jim Mulley, Geoff Blackmore, Dave Gilligan, Vince Wallace.
Other players to represent the Mega Vets this season (2004/05) are as follows: Bruce Donaldson, Eddie Naughton, Steve Presland, Chris Langford, John Jackson, Alun Jeffreys, Grant Mathias, Dave Fuller, Dave Deane and George Jones.
A trio of photos from Andrew Dunlop, He tells us that they were all taken on the same occasion & that first one is entitled 'Meredith House Athletics Team - 1962' & features in the booklet about 'Joe' Symons. He adds that the other two appear to be of the same people "rearranging themselves: this may mean that the other pictures are other Meredith teams (or it may not)."
Some shady characters in the playground. More from Andrew Dunlop

From Huw Williams - the 1965 first form, believed to be in Cambridge.
Back L-R:Steve Streeter, Me, Paul Russell, Chris Humphreys, Graham Hornbuckle, Steve Presland, Jim Smith, Peter Clark

Front L-R: Alan Campbell, Paul Batemen,Robin Mason, Geoff Blackmore, Alec Grogan

A CCF parade on the terraces
Brian Harris has sent me the following note on this picture:
The photograph of the band for the CCF was taken around 1956 or 1957. Drum major David MacLean, other names not too sure, but do include Townsend - bass drum, Jowett, Connor, Jones, Ireton,, Ayling and myself. Apologies for not knowing other names, but I'm sure that somebody will.