1962 Intake

The Reunion 50 years later...

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Tim Westbrook writes...

School Reunion for Class of 1962.

On Friday September 21, a group of 43 from the intake year of 1962 met at the Imperial Hotel, London to celebrate their 50th anniversary of joining Stationers School.

This record reunion was acclaimed by all attendees as an unqualified success. Following drinks at the bar we decamped to the Tudor room for a superb buffet lunch and engaged in a blanket of nostalgia, swapping life stories and recalling events from our time at school.

We discovered a wide spectrum of occupations, including, bank manager, policeman, anaesthetist, rock star, librarian, IT consultant, refrigeration technician, analyst, trader and detective.

Several people brought school memorabilia, prefect badges, photos, programs, reports and even exercise books.

We called the school register, sung the school song and persuaded the waiters to take a group photo which unfortunately is a bit blurred. A Facebook page has been created called , “Stationers School Reunion – Class of 1962” in which the group photo is tagged with names.

A Year Book was produced and given out containing the personal profiles of all 43 attendees.

At 4.30 we returned to the upstairs bar for more banter and refreshment. At 7.30 a hard core of 14 walked up the road and sat down for an Indian curry to finish off a perfect day.

Those attending -

Simon Attar, Jonathan Banwell, Jeff Benson, Gary Blissett, Peter Bodington, Martin Bond, Danny Bone, Michael Boscoe, Peter Bothwick, Stephen Chaudoir, Stephen Collins, Brian Cutts, Geoff Dent, Dave Gamester, Ian Gillies, John Gray, Simon Green, Graham Hobbs, Dave Hudson, Terry Jaggers, Peter Jarvis, John Lambert, John Leeming, Chris Lucas, Nick Monk, Robert Pizzey, Peter Prazsky, Graham Rawlings, Brian Shade, David Shaw, Jeremy Smith, Barry Soames, Mark Templeman, Gerry Trew, Roger Turkington, Steve Wallace, Malcolm Wandrag, Ray Warren, Charlie Webstersmith, John Welch, Tim Westbrook, Colin Williams, Terry Wyld.

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