School Plays
The first of four sets of pictures from school plays of the 60s sent in by Andrew Dunlop - can anyone identify the play, and the players?
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With thanks to Mike Heath, who sent the following email, we can add:

"The first two sets are of the Nov 1961 production of Christopher Fry's 'The Lady's Not For Burning', title of course usurped later by You Know Who. It would be tedious to go through each photo, but (after a little research) I can name the full cast in the second set, top left.
L to R: Peter Johnson (Richard), Derrick Ashley (Alyson), David (now Lord!) Triesman (Priest), George Duncan (Tappercoom), Peter Leonard (Margaret Tyson), Michael Heath (Thomas Mendip - the hero!), John Keene (Jennet Jourdemayne), Richard Macqueen (Hebble Tyson), Philip Rawling (Nicholas), Roger Frewin (Humphrey), Raymond Faulkner (Skipps). These identifications can (maybe) be applied to the rest, the big giveaway being that I am the bloke who seems to spend most of his time lounging in the window embrasure (spouting 600 lines of verse, of which I can remember about three).
Sets three and four are of the Feb 1961 production of 'Twelfth Night'. A few of these appeared recently in the OS magazine. Again, the full cast line up is:
L to R: Neil Richards (Priest), D Triesman (Officer), P Johnson (Sea Captain), Ross Channon (Antonio), John Page (Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Robert Gregory (Maria), G Duncan (Sir Toby Belch), M Heath (Duke Orsino), John Dinning (Viola), P Leonard (Olivia - specialist in female roles!), John Cater (Sebastian), R Macqueen (Malvolio), Roy Grubb (Valentine), R Frewin (Fabian), Michael Berg (Curio). In front is Colin Munday as Feste.
Dick Macqueen and I were also in that mighty epic 'Scuttleboom's Treasure'. As it happened, I had the opening line in all three plays, and I can remember those: 'By thunder, look at that!' 'If music be the food of love...' 'Soul! Hey, soul! Body!'."

Second set of photos
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