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This one slipped in 'under the radar', apparently on 2/4/09...


I was at Stationers from 1953-58. The photos bring back many happy memories. On November 5th 1955 I moved with my family from Weston Park to Welwyn Garden City. I was given the chance to go to the local mixed school but ,being rather frightened of girls (the other side of 'the wilderness' was a mysterious and rather frightening place!), I decided to stay at Stationers. The local authority (could this still happen?) paid for a bus ticket to WGC station, a train ticket to Finsbury Park and another bus ticket (the 233) to Ridge Road. I thus
had the privilege of travelling to school on a steam train for 2 1/2 years! - even in CCF uniform on a Friday.
My wife and I (I sorted out that girl problem) have lived in Yorkshire for 37yrs and in the mid 80s we came down with our five
children to the Nelson Mandela march which began in Finsbury Park. Here was a golden opportunity to stop off look over the wall
at the school and explain the particular and very different functions of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th terraces. With due ceremony and not a little excitement I led the family across the road to behold ...zilch! How dare they pull down my old school! Sacrilege!

However, as Al Reed said: Such is life.

Mike Holding (1953/58 - & on the back row in the 1958 photo)

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Webmaster responded appropriately by email.


On 11/5/09 Cecil Newton writes...

Over a coffee this morning I was discussing 'education' with my wife and added how I enjoyed my time at Stationers' Company's School so decided to Google and see what I could find. What a pleasant surprise. Major Huck was Headmaster when I first entered the school from the junior school in, I believe, 1933 and after his retirement Mr S C Nunn MA became headmaster. I left the school in 1941. Names come back to me 'Dicky Dash', Mr Gallimore the French master and billeting officer in Wisbech (I was his assistant), Mr Woolley BA (Oxon) my form master in 1938, and Mr I R Veselo BSc. Mr H G Marshall B A was my brother's form master in 1940, My brother Lt Frederic Newton, 5th RTR was killed in Germany 9th April 1945. He was a Corporal in the Stationer's School Cadet Corps under the command of Major M J Hemstead. I served in the tanks, 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards, similar to my brother. In 2008 a friend invited us to lunch and another guest was a Basil Damer - an Old Stationer and his wife. I have a newspaper cutting with a write-up of the performances of two plays "The Stolen Prince" (Basil Damer was in the chorus) and the second play "Androcles and the Lion" I have also a newspaper cutting 'Wisbech Evacuees' Appreciation" when a 'grand entertainment' was given in appreciation of what the foster-parents had done. I went to the dedication of the Memorial Window 19th February 1950 by the Right Rev The Lord Bishop of London. One of the Esam brothers is on The Roll of Honour also J R C Moore. This could have been Dick Moore who I knew well at Wisbech. I could not locate the name on the Commonwealth War Graves site. A sequel to all this. We were on a camp site in France and our neighbour was a retired school master. He told me that S C Nunn saw out his time before retirement at his school. Stationers' had been closed and had been pulled down.
I leave you with a piece on the front of the pamphlet 'The Stationers' Company's School :-

"Yet all experience is an arch wherethro'
Gleams the untravell'd world"

Best wishes
Cecil Newton (1933/41)

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Webmaster responded appropriately by email.



On 5/5/09 - at just after midnight, this appeared in our Guestbook...

This is some site! Wonder what happened to Howard Williams, Gary Ellis & Carlitos Goodridge? Have heard from Ian Snoad. My fondest memory of Stationers is that of Dora Howe the sociology teacher, she is one of the finest women I’ve ever known. I have been in the transport biz all my life and have driven big and small. I am now a London black cab driver. I am living with my partner Devi, who is an Indian Mauritian and yes, she is beautiful.

Andrew Parsons (1973/78)

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Webmaster responded appropriately by email.


On 13/3/09 John Thompson writes from Canada...

Greetings from Canada, the improvements to the site are admired!
I still enjoy browsing the content & am still amazed at the continued interest. I have had several contacts with old Stationers due to the site.
Being now long retired & permanently residing in Canada my chances of involvement in reunion activities are greatly limited, however I feel there in spirit! One of the contacts made was a lad who saw himself in the photo I submitted several years ago entitled "Gardening Club".
I noticed that the present image in "New photos" was very dark & refused to enlarge when clicked! I have attached a slightly cleaned up copy for your attention if useful. Best Wishes & thanks to all who provide this Site.

John Thompson (1945/50)

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Webmaster responded appropriately, with thanks.

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On 26/2/09 Bruce Dunlop writes...

The ATC photo which my brother recently sent you showed me on the top row, second from the right. At least I think it's me! Although I recognise some of the faces in the photo, I cannot put names to them. I was quite good at aircraft recognition in those days, and helped the Squadron get a respectable place in an aircraft recognition test at Hendon aerodrome.

I joined the school in 1956 (Caxton House) and left from the sixth form in late 1962. I hope that this information will be of interest to you.


Bruce Dunlop

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Webmaster responded:

"Many thanks for that information, duly noted for inclusion on the website. Also, we have just welcomed your brother Andrew as a member of the OSA... "


On 25/2/09 Deborah Jenner writes...

Dear Old Stationers

My father Henry Esmond William Wainwright - born 1921, sadly died last Tuesday 17th February 2009. I have been writing an obituary and came across photographs and some of his words from when he attended The Stationers Company School - I guess - during the 30s.

Would you be interested in copies of the photographs?

I wondered whether you have any information about him that could help me?

When he left school he was enlisted into the RAF and joined Bomber Command, based in Lincolnshire. As far as I know he went to London University before becoming a food analyst. At school he painted and subsequently became and artist.

I do hope you are able to help me.

Henry's funeral is tomorrow in Hadlow, close to Tonbridge in Kent. He leaves behind, my mother Olive Wainwright. Olive's brother - Robert Tolhurst also attended Stationers, a few years after my father.

Thank you and kind regards


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Webmaster responded appropriately on behalf of us all.

On 26/2/09 Deborah replied:

"Thank you so much for your kind words Mike... I really look forward to hearing from you. The funeral service is actually just for close family as my mother is unable to cope with a large gathering -but we are hoping to have a memorial service for my father and I will give you the information,

Kind regards







On 25/2/09 Chris Bell writes to Alan Green from the Falklands...

Good morning, Alan, from a sunny summers day in the Falklands. I've just received my copy of the OSM & I'm pleased to see that the Luncheon Club continues to go from strength to strength. I promise that I will eventually get to attend one though unfortunately not this year. We are coming back to the UK for a short visit at the end of the year but our dates do not coincide with any of yours.

I see Geraint has included my article in the magazine but I have attached an update that I hope you find interesting.

I hope all is well for you and I wish you good fortune for the future.

Chris Bell

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On 23/2/09 Ted Warner writes...

Dear sirs

I was a pupil at the school for four years, from 1928 to 1932. I was in the 5th form when I left. I was in Meredith House. Headmaster was Major Huck. I used to cycle to school from my home in Hendon each day. I'm afraid I cannot claim any fame or great success, but I did my duty during the war, and at 92 am pretty fit and well.
Good Luck to you all.

Best regards, Bernard Warner.  

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Webmaster responded suitably, adding...

"We have four members of the OSA who joined the School in 1928.They are Christopher Evans, William Hewitt, Lindsey Little & John Macara - & we still see John regularly at the Lunch Club!"

After Alan Green sent a copy of Ted's email to those four contemporaries, on 5/3/09 John Macara replied.

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